Mother Nature and her tricks.

Steve told me it was snowing last night right before I turned off the light for bed. I couldn't bring myself to peer out of the window. Too tired from digging the new frog pond and just didn't really want to believe it was that cold out there. This morning, up before the sun, I passed the dining room windows and was a little shocked by what the window was showing. Snow!  As I made my way to the south windows in the kitchen, I had to put down my dismay and realize that I have no control over the weather. Ok, well, sorta… if you think about global warming and our destruction of the earth and climate change and ALL THAT. It was too early this morning to get depressed. Instead, I grabbed my camera and headed outside with Jazz (cat). I tried to thank Mother Nature for bringing moisture in the form of this beautiful, fluffy white covering. It is pretty. Snow helps the landscape soften, hushes the harshness of the world. 

Jazz bounded up the old plum tree (this cat is a climber), the birds were singing as usual and the daffodils continued to bloom. The Red Russian kale babies were standing proud, unaffected by their new furry snow coat. It seems like I was the one who minded the snow, as nature was just fine with it. Guess after walking around the farm looking at the beauty of Mother Nature, I'm ok with it, too.