Cool air.

The evening air off the porch is beautiful.  It is the cool of an early summer night, but the mosquitoes and June bugs are replaced by the croaks of contented frogs (at both the upper and lower frog sanctuaries).  It is a perfect night for sitting on the porch.   Sadly, at this point two cats have taken the front porch seats so I sit just inside, on the couch.

In any case, it’s a nice night for a moment’s reflection and a website update.  Flora Bay’s been keeping me busy lately, but some jobs may have gotten a whole lot easier.  Today, our little farm got its very own little tractor!

It’s blue and a Ford and about the size of a worg (Ed. Note: A worg is a magical wolf like beast from Dungeons and Dragons. I had to look it up. - c).  Its back tires come to my knees and attached to its rear is a tiller.  NOT that we’re planning to go to a tilling rotation with the beds.  We’ve learned that strategy exhausts the soil, requiring more additives and work.

Anyway, I’m assured the tractor is beautiful under its tarp (sorry, got home after it was tucked in for the night), and I can’t wait for it to make my life easier.  Wait, it already has.  Courtney tractored it around a bit today and tilled up the remaining (soon to be) asparagus beds.  They look great!  And I didn’t have to do anything.

Speaking of the asparagus beds, this Saturday is our ‘Farmhand Day,’ where you, the loyal Friend can actually come and help, here, in person, at Flora Bay Farm, in (currently) beautiful Carbondale, IL.  Courtney’s lined up tons of great planting, including 130 asparagus crowns, 200 prickly raspberry plants, strawberries (yeah, I know a little late), and blueberries (right on time, thank you very much).

We’re starting deep into the farmer’s clock, at 9:30.  Refreshments will be served.   I guess how long we go depends on how many people show up.  Better hope you’re not the only one!

Just kidding.  Anyway, I hope that you’re enjoying a night as beautiful as mine.